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I approached Rory Holliday Physiotherapy because I had pain with arthritis in my shoulders and knees, plus some muscle weakness. Prescribed medication was not very helpful.
I was most impressed with the first appointment. My problems were helped by setting out a plan of exercises to either improve or maintain the movement in my joints.
I particularly liked Rory’s approach because he asked relevant questions concerning my changing condition and gave satisfactory answers when I questioned him; he is very approachable.
The solution was unique due to good hands on treatment and a personalised exercise programme to continue with on a daily basis at home.
I would summarise my experience as a whole as being given excellent guidance to meet my short and long term aims at maintaining my movements and lessening the pain.
I have already recommended Rory to my fellow bowlers who are all of an age when joints are causing problems, he gives good relevant treatment and advice, has a friendly approach and does not ”rip you off”


Aged 72

I have no hesitation in recommending Rory to anyone needing a physiotherapist. Rory was recommended to me by a friend. I’d tried two other physio’s previously without success for a problem I’d had with my back. After 2 visits and following the exercises l was given by him l was pain free. He has a very professional approach and is good at his job. Should l need a Physio again he is the person l would go to.


Aged 68

I have been having physiotherapy at Rory Holliday Physiotherapy for ongoing buttock and leg pain. I have been to Rory before for previous injuries, which is why I returned with this problem.
Manipulation & advice of exercises to carry out at home have been extremely effective.
Rory always listens to the explanation of the problem & gives good honest advice alongside the expertise of physio.
I would recommend Rory Holliday Physiotherapy to anyone needing physio, especially runners and sporty people.


Aged 48

Pilates Tutor and Instructor

Due to many issues with my hip and back I decided to visit Rory Holliday Physiotherapy on the strength of a recommendation from someone who had been to Rory before.
Before treatment starts a consultation takes place which investigates everything that could lead to the problem before commencing treatment. This I felt gave Rory a full understanding of my condition and I felt safe in the knowledge that he was treating the specific problem rather than just general physiotherapy.
I appreciated getting a thorough understanding of the condition before treatment started. Always communicates and explains the treatment. Always gives you rehabilitation exercises at home. Rory tries to give you the solution to your problem so that eventually you just continue the exercises yourself at home rather than coming back for repeated physio sessions. I totally trust Rory and his wealth of knowledge and experience is evident in his practice.
I definitely would recommend Rory Holliday Physiotherapy to all my clients and classes if they need a physio.  Even if they present to me with a problem that I feel is beyond my scope of knowledge then I would recommend a visit to Rory for physiotherapy.


Aged 64

Because I had previously been treated by Rory and pleased with the manner and type of treatment received, I was happy to see him with my recent calf injury.
The hands on treatment provided, with rehab exercises and advice to complete in my own time was quite relevant and, ultimately successful.
The one thing I liked was their …. Straight forward and honest knowledgeable approach.
I was very pleased with the experience, the relevant treatment and advice, and it was not drawn out over an extended course of treatments. Value for money.


Aged 44

I contacted Rory Holliday Physiotherapy because of lower back pain and stiffness. The practice came recommended by friends and it’s locality to where I live, ease of arranging an appointment, length of appointment and price was ideal.
As well as the initial examination and treatment, I was provided with tailored stretches and exercises which have resulted in less back pain and stiffness.  
I have always had sports massages in the past and have visited a chiropractor to help alleviate back pain.  The difference between others and Rory’s service is the fact that specific exercises were recommended to help alleviate the issues which seem to have worked.
I found the experience very professional and informative.  Always leave feeling better than when I arrived.
I would and have recommended this business to my friends.


Aged 48

Due to severe neck and shoulder pain, coming down into my right arm I visited the practice on the recommendation of another Physio.
I was quickly diagnosed and advised  to see a consultant, who after scans and x-rays confirmed Rory's diagnosis. The fact that the problem was so quickly identified saved a lot of time for me.
Rory was very honest about the temporary relief from Physio treatment and I was extremely pleased with the ongoing treatment. Over all I found the experience extremely positive, with a huge difference to my pain and future plan to put in place to hopefully avoid an operation on my neck.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Rory to anyone as he is very experienced and extremely professional


Aged 61

I had become unsteady due to poor balance and it had started causing problems walking. Following an examination I was given a clear explanation of the source of the problem, and exercise instructions with diagrams by email.
I found the experience gentle but effective, reassuring and inspiring.
I would happily recommend Rory Holliday Physiotherapy to other gym members and friends.


Aged 64

In October 2014 I had been referred by my GP, to the Physiotherapy department at Wharfedale General Hospital with regards to pain along the length of my left leg.  Following x-rays it was diagnosed as arthritis in both hips but predominantly the left.  After a physiotherapy consultation there I was given a raft of papers of exercises to get on with and little in the way of explanation or demonstration.
I felt that there was a better way to continue.  I had always been involved in sport and at the time was also a member of the fitness centre where Rory Holliday Physiotherapy held a clinic.  As a sports physiotherapist it seemed the obvious starting point.
The problem cannot be solved as it is progressive, however, through the attention to my problem both in –house and in the exercise programme it allows me to be more mobile and active by giving me the “tools” to control the stiffness and also some of the associated pain.  As the muscle stiffness and regression inevitably increases, I find that by visiting every few weeks it helps to keep it in check.
I found that Rory had a genuine interest in the problem and the person to initiate a physiotherapy programme to suit, rather than an “off the shelf” approach.
I really appreciated the initial information gathering to assess the problem and its impact on the patient, taking into account age, stage and background.  Also that each session begins with a few minutes to re-assess the situation to date.  The attention paid to the patient by explaining the problem’s causes and progressions, advice given and the tweaking of the exercise programme to take account of the changes within the situation.
I always get a warm friendly reception with interest in the problem and the person, information imparted in layman’s terms, advice given, questions answered but decision making left to what the patient is comfortable with.  No hard sell or feeling of obligation.


Aged 66

Following a personal recommendation I contacted Rory Holliday Physiotherapy for rounded shoulders and poor posture. I was very happy with the sensible assessment of my abilities with the exercises and follow up information. I liked the very personable/ professional approach and would be happy to recommend to anyone needing physiotherapy.


Aged 68

I got in touch with Rory Holliday Physiotherapy because back pains caused by a heavy fall whilst trying to stop a stoma bleed. I saw an advert in a local paper/magazine in which the comments seemed to give an answer to my problem. I was introduced to various physio exercises that increased my mobility and soft tissue massages that pinpointed where the problems lie.
I always received a good explanation of what the exercises were aimed at, and found my questions answered with a positive approach to what was needed. The whole experience was very satisfactory with a positive result. Friendly but firm advice given.
I would recommend it to anyone who has had a similar experience to mine and to any other normally active person that, through some problem, has had their active life curtailed.


Aged 78

I’ve had a lower back problem for years & it flared up badly in the summer of 2017 meaning I had to rest it for 8 weeks during which meant I couldn’t do anything active! So I decided that I needed a new opinion & fresh approach.
Rory was recommended to me by my fitness instructor. He’s also based at Fitness Flex in Mansfield which is very convenient.
The problem was addressed by a thorough assessment, some treatment & some really useful exercises that I could do whilst just sitting about.
Rory has a very practical approach & is very ‘up front’ about how to tackle  the injury. His use of ‘goals/targets’ both for each session & the overall approach Is novel & very useful.
I particularly liked goal setting as my back problem will never really just go away, we agreed a Target of ‘’ it flaring” up less often & when it does flare up it’ll be for a shorter period, less painful & have less impact on my ability to do activities I want to do.
The whole experience was very practical and helpful, and I’d definitely recommend Rory Holliday Physiotherapy to anyone who has an injury whether sporting or not!


Aged 63

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