Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

The true benefit of seeing a physio is tapping into that knowledge base and experience.
The bulk of a physio’s ability is drawing upon an evidence base of research when assessing and treating patients.
At Rory Holliday Physiotherapy we use a combination of specific rehabilitation exercise prescription, education and manual therapy as the back bone of our treatment approach. Usually, the simplest advice on changes in activity behaviour can make all the difference.
The common conditions seen are:
Neck pain
Shoulder impingement and tendinopathy
Nerve root compression
Tennis/golfers elbow
Low back Pain
Pelvic pain
Sprains, strains
This vague list hides the true variety and diversity of the dysfunctions we see. It might be no surprise to hear that each individual’s pain and dysfunction can present quite differently to another person’s complaining of the same condition. A thorough physiotherapy assessment can pick up on these differences and use them to better find the path for that person.

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