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Our Mission

At Rory Holliday Physiotherapy we strive for client satisfaction. Whether it is injury prevention, advice or resolution of a complex injury, a programme of care specifically suited to your needs will be developed.

Using such a large range of manual and exercise therapy approaches we can modify and adjust the treatment to meet the natural fluctuations that occur throughout the progression from injury and disorder, to health and vitality.

For those in the throes of marathon training, pre or post sporting event or general work-related muscular pain, I’m offering 3 sports massages for £150. They last 45 minutes and can help performance and recovery. You don’t have to be a marathon runner to take up the offer by the way, although it’s usually those silly enough to put in the big miles that suffer the most!

Can’t get to the bottom of those tiresome niggles? Why not book in for a full Physiotherapy consultation?